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The virtual environment for neutrinos.

About VENu

VENu is a mobile app which allows you to see data from the MicroBooNE experiment on your phone. View events recorded by the MicroBooNE experiment or try to catch neutrinos yourself!

VENu is built and rendered in a 3D environment and is designed to exhibit both virtual and augmented reality features. Use your personal VR viewer and immerse yourself in the MicroBooNE detector!

Available for iOS (Android app under construction).

Download VENu

You can download VENu for free for iOS (an Android app is under construction).

VENu Launch

VENu was launched at the Oxford Stargazing event on January 28, 2017

See some pictures clicking on the following button!

Oxford Stargazing


Here you can learn about neutrinos. What are they? Where do they come from? How do we reveal them?

Find the aswers to all these questions reading the next sections!

Or download our app and learn about them in a fun environment!

Contact us

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback, give us suggestions, or to just say hello!

VENu Team

Mobile App, Cardboard Version and Game

  • Marco Del Tutto University of Oxford

Core Development

  • Alistair McLean New Mexico State University
  • Marco Del Tutto University of Oxford
  • Matt Bass University of Oxford
  • Owen Crawford Bradley University
  • Thomas Wester University of Chicago
  • Ben Carls Fermilab
  • Ariana Hackenburg Yale University
  • Gene Kim Illinois Math and Science Academy
  • Tia Miceli New Mexico State University
  • Sean Ngo Illinois Math and Science Academy
  • Steve Pate New Mexico State University
  • Jen Raaf Fermilab
  • Sam Zeller Fermilab

Learn Sections

  • Marco Del Tutto University of Oxford
  • Ann Laube University of Oxford

Graphics and Design

  • Marco Del Tutto University of Oxford

Special Thanks to

  • Sam Zeller Fermilab
  • Roxanne Guenette University of Oxford